Read Before You Float

Please Read Before You Float

  • Bookings & Cancellations
  • What Is Provided?
  • Pre-Appointment
  • House Rules For Floating
  • Before You Enter The Float Room
  • During Your Float Session
  • After Your Float Session

Booking & Cancellations

When booking we ask you to book at least 12 hours prior to your session. We do not accommodate walk-ins. If you need to cancel that’s no problem  but you have to give us 24 hours notice. A late or a no show may result in your card being charged for the session.

What Is Provided?

Ear plugs are provided and we ask you to use them, they stop salt water getting in your ears and bouncing around as your head is suspended in the water, if it does its ok just wash it out in the shower after!

​We provide: Towels, earplugs, shampoo, and shower gel, cotton buds, disposable flip flops, and hair dryers. Please do not use only shower gel/shampoo provided before your floating session 

​What you might want to bring: Any other personal toiletries, towel or flip flops if you prefer to use your own, hair straighteners, or anything you feel you may need post-float. 


We ask that all clients arrive 15 minutes before their appointment to allow for time to transition from your journey and begin de-stressing to experience the full benefits of your float session. This will also provide enough time to sign a waiver and receive a walk-through from a member of the team.

Avoid shaving and consuming large meals or caffeine on the day of your session and remove your contacts.

House Rules For Floating

If you have had your hair coloured in the last 2 weeks you can’t  Float!

This includes hair colouring, perms, straighteners, highlights or any service utilising chemicals to alter the hair. This is extremely important since color can bleed into the epson Salt solution damaging it permanently!) We can make the white towel test using the solution from the tank that will determine if you can use it safely but you need to inform us about it please)

 If you recently received a spray tan or used self-tanner you can’t  Float!

We ask that you wait until the tanning solution no longer bleeds off onto towels and/or clothing to prevent bleeding into our Epsom Salt solution.

We ask you to keep your phone on silent and respect the person in the next room who may be still in their session. Floatation Spa is a place of calm and quiet and we value everybody’s session, we ask you to do the same.

We have an anti drug and alcohol policy. If you are suspected of taking drugs or alcohol we will refuse entry with no refund.

Before You Enter The Float Room

When you arrive, one of our staff members will check you in, show you around, and walk you through the entire process. Here, you will also get a chance to ask any more questions and receive some helpful tips to make the most of your float session. Our goal is to make sure that you are totally at ease prior to your session. 

Once you have entered into your designated room, please adhere to the following guidelines. They ensure your experience is as positive and effective as possible. The rooms are secure and you may lock yourself in from the inside. There is a motion sensor that will automatically turn off light in the room 5 min after you enter the cabin and turn it off when you exit the cabin. We suggest floating naked to be completely free of sensation – but if you’d prefer to wear a swimsuit or shorts please do. We ask that you turn your phone on silent and place it and your belongings in the area provided in your room,  alternatively you may leave anything you wish with our staff. We ask you to keep noise to a minimum once a session has started inside your room.

First insert the provided ear plugs, take a thorough shower, not too hot, as you begin to unwind. When you’re ready, dry your face well, and enter the tank carefully. The lights in the bathroom will turn off automatically after 5 minutes. The water is heated to skin temperature , and even though it is only 20 inches deep, it contains 800 kg of dissolved Epsom Salts, which is why you will float effortlessly on the surface.

 Such a high concentration may cause slight itchiness at first. If you have shaved, waxed or have any cuts or scratches, dry the skin and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline to dry skin (provided on the shelf in the room).

Climb into the pool and lie back gently, the buoyancy will lift you up.

During Your Float Session

Ease yourself into the tank slowly and allow your body and mind to relax and enjoy the unique feeling of weightlessness. It may take some time to get used to the unique environment of the Floatation Room so we encourage you to focus on your breathing to start. You may need to ‘reset’ to fully immerse yourself in the session. This is totally normal. Be patient with yourself!

Once you’ve turned off the light and settled into the tank, extend your arms out to your sides and lightly touch the interior walls to center yourself. You might also want to leave the Cabins interior light on. If you get salt in your eyes there is a bottle of clean water hanging inside.

From here, allow yourself to take a few calm breaths and ease into the weightlessness. If this is a new experience for you, be patient and kind to yourself – it may take a few minutes to fully immerse yourself into such a new experience.

 Now that you’re fully immersed into the float session, enjoy the newfound sense of peace and quiet. Allow your thoughts to flow naturally and relieve your body of all tension.

*In the event of cracked/broken skin, please cover the affected area with one of the provided vaseline. The float tank is filled with Epsom salt and the contact of the salt water solution on broken skin may sting and will impact your float session experience.

After Your Float Session

5 min before the end of your session you will hear relaxing music. You will be notified your session is over blinking light. You are advised to use the ear plugs provided, and to rinse your ears thoroughly after floating, as in rare cases if allowed to crystallize on the eardrum, the salt can cause earaches.  

Once your float session has come to an end, please take care and exit the tank slowly. You may feel slightly disoriented but this will pass quickly as your body begins to reacclimatise to more natural surroundings. After you shower off the salt water, get dressed. 

Please try to vacate the room within 15 minutes after the end of your float, as we must prepare for the next client. Enjoy your floatation session!